Our Vision

At aSpark, we are all about the "New Interaction Model"
– how new and emerging technologies change the way we consume and use information, how we interact with enterprises, how we do routine tasks like reading, banking, scheduling appointments. And much more!

Innovation driven by consumers in social, mobile, cloud and other emerging technologies is dramatically changing how enterprises conduct commerce with them, deliver information and manage relationships. Enterprises can now deliver information that really “matters” at the point of interaction by combining contextual enterprise information and external social intelligence. And engage with their customers with the right context, where they want and how they want.

We incubate ideas - create products and solutions for this
"New Interaction Model."


Industry Products

  • Panorama – "Mobile Portal" for the post-PC era
  • Stock Panorama – Follow investment information "that matters"
  • aSpark360 - Enhance interactions by enriching enterprise customer data with social, local and mobile interaction data

Technology Accelerators & Products

  • aMAP - aSpark Mobile Accelerator Platform – backend-as-service for Mobile applications
    • User Engagement Platform
    • Mobile Context Services
    • Enterprise Mobile Integration

Smart Integration Services

  • Architecture & Consulting
  • Incubation Lab
  • Custom Solutions

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